The Money Question

Jun 11, 12 • WorkNo Comments

Clearly the allure of big data, computer-driven, direct marketing to the masses excites many of today’s marketers.

So much so, that they continue to make ahead of the curve investments in new media at the expense of traditional ones. But is it really the revolution that the young marketers claim it to be? Maybe not so much. What we’ve seen is simply a shift in spending from paper driven newspaper and direct mail to interactive. Television, quality magazines, radio and out-of-home mediums continue to thrive especially as they become more targeted. At the same time, we are witnessing a clear differentiation in consumers buying habits. The young up and coming consumer who is more than willing to see his or her life as an open book online. And the older, experienced, consumer who amongst other things values their privacy – especially when it comes to their money and purchasing habits.

So who are you gonna call out to? And how? Marketing and advertising in general is a young woman’s game – which drives today’s media and creative choices. But it’s chasing a relatively limited pool of funds.

Wouldn’t you rather be targeting the baby boomer, soon-to-be-grandparent who is starting to dole out the biggest pool of inheritance money in history?

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