The Evolution of Web Design

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mac-classic-640wSomething happened to web design in 2015 and I am not exactly sure what. All I know, is that I have witnessed a number of my designer associates see their web design business dry up, literally overnight.

Maybe it had something to do with big hosting companies offering sites for a buck; the growing availability of low cost templates; or even better, the template/hosting combo packages for an affordable monthly fee. The subscription model of web design.

That’s what you gotta love about the evolution of the web. Or as a client of mine puts it. “The never-ending-race-to-the-bottom pricing model.” Where nobody makes enough to be sustainable in the long term. Except the really big players.

If you have owned a business for a while, you probably remember what you paid for your first html web design and maybe even what you paid for your first wimpy computers. Scary compared to what you can get today for your money.

Now, with your desktop supercomputer, you can grab some themes, slap in an e-commerce plugin, fire up your SEO guy or gal, crank up social media and you’re away to the races on multiple global sites in a matter of days.

But wait. What’s missing here?

To use an automotive analogy, you’ve got a great looking, souped-up car that you could have never afforded years ago. You are on the growth end of the media alternative spectrum. And you now know enough about the technology to improve your efficiency and social footprint. And maybe you’ve even got more time – except for those 100+ emails you get a day.

But is your site really saying anything!

Today, time is our most valuable commodity. As one my old client’s slogans used to say – If you’ve got the time…we’ve got the beer.

So what’s the beer in today’s millennial-make-up-a-name-for-an-old-school concept thingee? Strategic content – delivered in daily volume via multiple social or other channels. Or in my vernacular – professional copywriting. Supported by great visuals. And creativity. With a sound strategy. Generated faster than just about any client can write by themselves. Because they are too busy answering emails from their clients.

So we are almost back to square one in terms of marketing communication – now that hard web design costs have been cut to the bone. You need content strategy to develop words and pictures that sing. Because Google now loves that too. No more keyword stuffing or black hat practices. Whew!

As another great philosopher once said “The more things change.. the more they stay the same.” And I might add, “No matter what you call them.”

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