The Digital Divide

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Here I thought it was simply my failure to communicate with a thirty-something web designer.

But more and more, I am beginning to understand the growing divide between the millennial marketing communication approaches to that of us baby boomers. Who of course are responsible for all the problems in the world:)

In the “old days” of advertising, agencies were blessed with massive budgets and more importantly – time to actually develop, test and run a campaign on a relatively small number of channels. It wasn’t like the world was going to end tomorrow – even though the odds were a lot higher then.

Today, I am continually amazed at the pace of change spurred on by an increasingly smaller, tech-linked world. Plus, a desire of the millennial generation to make their justifiable place in an extremely competitive environment. As fast as they possibly can so they can go hiking! Just don’t give me a deadline or ask me to sell something. Trust us, it will happen gramps. Relax, have a latte.

The logic of the digital marketing medium world makes great sense in a left-brain kinda way. Micro target your consumer then beat them into submission wherever and whenever they go through relatively low cost, highly measurable channels. If the message doesn’t work the first time, then change it pronto. We simply can’t afford to waste time building brand loyalty the slow seductive way. It’s not unlike the online hookup sites. Swipe, click and get laid. Lucky you. It was never that easy in the hippy dippy days despite the free love moniker. Mind you, 50% of the adult population on North America wasn’t living single in those days.

But it’s all a little short sighted to me. Especially when true integrity is somewhat lacking in a brand. Brands that do have it will still last a long time, relatively speaking. Those who don’t will swipe, click and die.   More worrisome is that some of those brands with the necessary integrity to grow initial market share are now turning on the customers because they simply can’t make enough money for their IPO investors. Or their destined to be short life cycle from the beginning has simply and sadly ended. No more cuddly bear, share the likes, happy times. This is business folks. Time to pay the piper. And btw we know where to find you and your entire family and circle of friends if you don’t.

Kinda threatening actually.

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