Suddenly Things Change

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Just in case you had not noticed, copywriting is suddenly important again.

For too many years it seemed that no one was paying attention to words. All you had to do was identify your key search terms and stuff a load of them on your website. Black or white hat, short or long tail. Who needed creative writing skills when you had computer crawlers gobbling up those pretty straightforward search words? Who needed creativity when you had SEO and a bottomless pit of cheap stock photography?

Well apparently, those crawlers are getting pickier on what they injest. Once again (thanks to the Googlemonster) online marketers are being forced to change – for the better. Which is a good thing for copywriters, designers and photographers. Because the web crawlers are looking for unique, original and yummy copy. Not regurgitated, plagiarized crap.

Plus, social media is taking serious hold on the marketing world. Which means that “content” (aka copywriting with nice appropriate pictures) is once again coming to the forefront. And as we all know, most clients are generally incapable of generating creative content. Which is where we wordsmiths step in – with one caution.

Today’s content reader is a far different animal than those traditional advertising consumers from days gone by. They refuse to be sold. They love to share. And they can make or break you in a heartbeat. But they do have a sense of humour – sometimes at the expense of others. And they move quickly once they make a decision – usually driven by a complete reliance on what their friends tell them to do. Because who the hell has time for due diligence?

So if you want to stay ahead of the curve, hire yourself a professional copywriter – ideally someone who has an art director partner. Because that is the kind of creative team you need today to get breakthrough continuous content – just like the old mad man ad days.

Which of course brings us to that old saying “The more things change…….”

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