Right versus left?

Jun 21, 12 • Industry comments, InsightNo Comments

In more and more economies today we are seeing a definitive split between the left and the right. And an equally definitive disappearance of the majority middle. It’s looking more and more like you have to take sides these days.

So which side of the marketing brain are you on? Are you on the organized, practical, numerical left side? Or are you committed to the creative charms of the right? Without question, most clients reside firmly on the left since their bottom line and share price determine their job futures. Understandably they have flocked to the burgeoning internet – an accountable, left-brain medium if there ever was one.

Meanwhile traditional left-brain mediums like newspaper and direct mail continue to get battered by their online rivals. Even radio has lost its lustre as a creative medium. So surely all things most go left eventually.

I’m not so sure.

The whispers I’m hearing in the market, as the economy once again toughens, include “we’ve got great online traffic but our closing numbers need to improve” or “click through is a lean mean game” or “maybe we’ve got to get more legs on the ground.” Or most interesting “Google is now dictating a real change in web search towards unique creative content.”

Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, right brain creativity (in all mediums) is going to come roaring back to actually engage our customers at an emotional level instead of simply pandering to them.
Let’s hope so.

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