Rejected by an algorithm?

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In our tech world run by algorithms, some are beginning to wonder whether it’s all just a little too perfect. And whether true talent is being passed over by the computers that monitor our world.

What was brought to my attention was the algorithm-driven scans of resumes that come into an employer. I have taught my students for years to be wary of a hiring process that scans their CV’s to search for keywords that were in the original job posting. If the keywords aren’t in your cover letter or CV, your chance of getting an interview goes into the shredder. And the employer might be missing the truly talented.

Perhaps more disturbing is seeing a group of people sitting in a restaurant sharing texts, photos and videos on their smart phone for a laugh – but not actually talking to each other.   It is all very efficient and technically amazing. But shallow as a puddle. And boring as hell.

I recently had a chat with an early childhood educator and asked her opinion on the state of parenting in her world. She replied “ … well some of the parents are doing their best to do the right thing for young children but unfortunately many are tech distracted.”  Tech distracted. Now that is an interesting metaphor. Not unlike a moth drawn to a glowing light bulb on a hot summer night when they should be cooling off somewhere with a cocktail. We can’t help but be drawn into the light of algorithm.  And yet, we still stand the chance of being rejected – either through inexperience, age or just plain clumsiness.

What kind of world are in if we can ultimately be rejected by a computer?  Where something as simple as forgetting your PIN at the checkout can drive you and the impatient people standing in line behind you crazy.

You can’t allow that to happen to you.   Learn from those who know the value of the algorithm instrument. It’s a tool from which you can build great things like never before in history.  But it can never replace uniquely different personalities and visionary thinking brought on by human interaction. That’s what really makes the world go round.

That and writing stuff down.  Slowly.


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