Olympic advertising gold medal?

Aug 13, 12 • Industry comments, InsightNo Comments

Now that the amazing London Olympics have ended, it’s time to pause and reflect on who should win the gold medal in advertising.

No doubt in my mind.

It’s the RONA spot featuring the cross-country screwdriver relay from field to forest to stream to waterfall and finally to dock. Talk about a brilliant piece of Olympic/national pride creativity. I’ll bet you can remember the little details and can tweet all your friends about them. I’ll bet you laughed your ass off at the synchronized spearing of the CN Tower. And who could forget the Belushi-like character who had to go back for the hammer! Not to mention that they used a rare sixty second format. I’m betting that RONA’S awareness levels went through the roof – despite Murphy’s law interjecting a business takeover bid into their Olympic marketing commitment. This powerful spot will work beautifully cross platform and will ultimately edit easily to a thirty. Bravo and cue the Canadian flag waving at the next Cannes advertising awards.

Now if only the rest of the safe bet clients in our bronze-minded advertising country were only half as creatively inclined.

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