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With Facebook’s somewhat stuttering start on NASDAQ, one wonders what it all means?

Well for starters, it means that pre-existing shareholders in the company are fabulously wealthy on paper – making us all fabulously jealous. And further fueling the current desire for quick hit fortunes in our viral world. No doubt Facebook is an incredible animal adored by billions of underemployed folks. Recent modifications to the site include an ingenious timeline allowing us all to follow your progress from the retching teenager stage into supposed adulthood.

And assuming that active Facebookers actually want to get a job, it does help a lot if your page ultimately displays some level of maturity.

But beneath all the hype, there is still something financially wonky here. This 100 billion dollar IPO is based on huge user numbers but actual annual advertising revenues (yet to be determined effective) of a mere 3+ billion. Peanuts in the real world of advertising. But still a nice chunk of change. Is it enough to keep shareholders happy now that Facebook’s joined the greed-driven adult investing world?

Only time, demonstrable profitability and new competitors who can actually monetize and prove the effectiveness of their web ad medium will tell.

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