Does anyone really know what to do?

Sep 27, 12 • Industry comments, InsightNo Comments

As the global economy continues its upheaval, marketers and their agencies are scrambling to keep their drive alive, so to speak. Unfortunately, more than ever, the number of people who don’t know what to do in these challenging, changing times far outnumber those who do. Faced with so many mixed messages, marketers are simply pushing the DO NOTHING alternative while agencies pitch the latest interactive sure thing.

So who can blame the donothingers? The digital revolution and the growth of social media channels have added 24/7 workload to their marketing efforts – with debatable brand building results. Everyone is enamored with the potential for “big data” especially those marketers with little or no ethical backbone. And as more and more push the DN button, newspaper and direct marketing advertising mediums are succumbing to interactive power in our direct instant messaging gratification world. After all, who can resist the 31 likes that arrive on your mobile within seconds of a posting a Facebook comment in e-world?

So what to do? Look within your brand. Re-examine your strategic positioning in a changing marketplace. Choose a medium that best showcases your product while addressing the needs and lifestyle of your target group; go where the money is and the competition is not; and most of all DO SOMETHING!

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