Demystifying the Millennial Brain

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A lot has been said about the millennial (post 1978) generation. Much of it negative. Self-centred, strong sense of entitlement, poor work ethic, short attention span etc., etc., etc.

I have co-produced three millennials and love them dearly. We are fortunate that they are all healthy, happy and independent.

But what about marketing to millennials? What good do they bring to the marketing party that we baby boomers might fail to recognize?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • They have just recently become the biggest marketing cohort out there.
  • Sharing and caring are high on their list of priorities.
  • Well-developed tech literacy is second nature.
  • They are capable of incredible bursts of productivity if it suits them.
  • Looking forward to the biggest inheritance windfall in history.
  • Risk taking is common both bodily and with personal finances.
  • Children are a possibility in their lives but not necessarily a probability.
  • Belief in either religion or politics is probably at an all time low.
  • Like all generations before them they are in the “social” stage on Maslow’s hierarchy trying hard for “esteem.” Ideally, like now.
  • Many hold multiple post secondary degrees. And are underemployed.
  • The world as they know it is doomed because of climate change.
  • Women are demanding leadership roles and men agree.
  • Compared to boomers, they are frugal debt avoiders.
  • Parenting skills still need work.

And last but not least.

  • They love selfies with or without their friends.

So how do we connect and (dirty word warning) SELL to them? Well that’s for all you millennial marketers to figure out. But from my perspective, their skill sets scream entrepreneurship. Universities, governments, mentors, parents and marketers must facilitate this unique-for-a-generation, growth opportunity.

For the future of the happy-me, millennial world.

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