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And get an experienced branding consultant.

There are lots of freelance copywriters out there.

But if you are seriously interested in building market share in Montreal or optimizing new product development success in Toronto, you will need a creative English copywriter. With flare, focus and experience.

A senior creative copywriter like Lp Camozzi can capture “share of mind” with words. Memorable words are important because unaided top of mind awareness generally comes close to your “share of market.”

Why not give us a call? Because it’s all creative from here.

Contact info:

Lp Camozzi
Division of Lp Creative
630 rue de la Congregation
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
H3K 2J2


Mobile: 514 944 1709
Phone: 514 937 2940

Lp Focus with Pat (Lp) Camozzi, Renaissance man of strategic marketing communications, catchy copy and timeless slogans.

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