Communication Strategy That Makes Sense


What you really need for breakthrough new product development
in Montreal or Toronto. A communications strategist.

We learned long ago that a succinct communication strategy leads to creative copywriting that builds a unique brand voice.

The Lp Focus strategic process is called an MCAPS(TM) for Marketing Communication and Personality Strategy. Any size SME, ad or digital agency or large corporate business can benefit from this unique management consulting exercise facilitated by Lp Camozzi, founder and senior copywriter. He has conducted this focus group type exercise with hundreds of new product development clients.

The MCAPS usually opens up a wide-ranging strategic marketing discussion. Individual opinions are encouraged. Often, a totally different marketing perspective on your business emerges. Aided by Lp Camozzi’s facilitation experience across a vast range of brand categories.

By taking the time to build a communication strategy template before putting the content copywriter to work, the vast majority of Lp Focus clients have met or far exceeded their sales expectations.

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Creative copywriting is always strategic.

Lp Focus with Pat (Lp) Camozzi, Renaissance man of strategic marketing communications, catchy copy and timeless slogans.

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