• What made Apple?

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    What made Apple?

    As we stand in line waiting for our latest iPad, one wonders how it all came to pass. Besides great design and a visionary leader what was it that really moved Apple from a niche computer company to the largest company in the world? Given their propensity to be all things leading edge and online, it must have been social media, or some super secret techno mind-warping subliminal message imbedded in their earbuds. Nope. It was television and out-of-home advertising. Lots of it. Targeted directly at their boring competitors. And further accelerated by their customers in the social media world... [READ MORE]

  • All in?

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    All in?

    What an interesting new world of marketing and advertising we’ve created online. Where the entire marketing world is trying to get on page one of Google. And where PPC and page views have turned brand building into bean counting. At very lean margins no less. It’s kind of like online poker. Or a lottery. Where we all want to win that million dollar viral jackpot but at the end of the day you can count the winners on two hands. And it’s really just those who control the game

  • Say What?

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    Say What?

    Welcome to my dynamic new website courtesy of WhatBox (www.houseofwhatbox.ca). And what a wonderful box of what they produce. Say what you say? A graphic and web design firm that Lp Focus would highly recommend! What of course. Especially if you work with Lp Focus on your communications strategy first. We help with the who, the where, the when, the why and the words. Then it’s over to What . . . Box

Lp Focus with Pat (Lp) Camozzi, Renaissance man of strategic marketing communications, catchy copy and timeless slogans.

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