• Right versus left?

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    Right versus left?

    In more and more economies today we are seeing a definitive split between the left and the right. And an equally definitive disappearance of the majority middle. It’s looking more and more like you have to take sides these days. So which side of the marketing brain are you on? Are you on the organized, practical, numerical left side? Or are you committed to the creative charms of the right? Without question, most clients reside firmly on the left since their bottom line and share price determine their job futures. Understandably they have flocked to the burgeoning internet – an... [READ MORE]

  • The Money Question

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    The Money Question

    Clearly the allure of big data, computer-driven, direct marketing to the masses excites many of today’s marketers. So much so, that they continue to make ahead of the curve investments in new media at the expense of traditional ones. But is it really the revolution that the young marketers claim it to be? Maybe not so much. What we’ve seen is simply a shift in spending from paper driven newspaper and direct mail to interactive. Television, quality magazines, radio and out-of-home mediums continue to thrive especially as they become more targeted. At the same time, we are witnessing a clear... [READ MORE]

  • Facehooked?

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    With Facebook’s somewhat stuttering start on NASDAQ, one wonders what it all means? Well for starters, it means that pre-existing shareholders in the company are fabulously wealthy on paper – making us all fabulously jealous. And further fueling the current desire for quick hit fortunes in our viral world. No doubt Facebook is an incredible animal adored by billions of underemployed folks. Recent modifications to the site include an ingenious timeline allowing us all to follow your progress from the retching teenager stage into supposed adulthood. And assuming that active Facebookers actually want to get a job, it does help... [READ MORE]

  • A return to tribes?

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    A return to tribes?

    With the power and influence of social media growing, one wonders what we are really creating here. Clearly it is not a traditional top down mass marketing approach to the great unwashed. God forbid! Instead we see the creation of easy opt-in, online tribes anxious to socialize from the bottom up. Similar likes and dislikes, always sharing, always doing what the tribe needs to do and yet relentlessly being tracked individually by their hastily scattered buck naked digital footprints. It’s direct marketing to the masses in a medium where truth has a whole new meaning, loyalty is fleeting, price is... [READ MORE]

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