• God Bless Americans

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    God Bless Americans

    This is blog post is an excerpt from lpcamozzi.tumblr.org – chronicling my recent sabbatical in the USA and Canada to test out my developing retirement career – still a few years down the road. The USA is a big brute of a country full of friendly, generous people – regardless of their political or religious persuasions. I can honestly say I did not meet one ugly American in my entire trip despite the widely differing cultures and personalities between individual states. All impressed me with their intelligence, work ethic and good nature. My many home visits via couchsurfing.org added to... [READ MORE]

  • Does anyone really know what to do?

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    Does anyone really know what to do?

    As the global economy continues its upheaval, marketers and their agencies are scrambling to keep their drive alive, so to speak. Unfortunately, more than ever, the number of people who don’t know what to do in these challenging, changing times far outnumber those who do. Faced with so many mixed messages, marketers are simply pushing the DO NOTHING alternative while agencies pitch the latest interactive sure thing. So who can blame the donothingers? The digital revolution and the growth of social media channels have added 24/7 workload to their marketing efforts – with debatable brand building results. Everyone is enamored... [READ MORE]

  • Olympic advertising gold medal?

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    Olympic advertising gold medal?

    Now that the amazing London Olympics have ended, it’s time to pause and reflect on who should win the gold medal in advertising. No doubt in my mind. It’s the RONA spot featuring the cross-country screwdriver relay from field to forest to stream to waterfall and finally to dock. Talk about a brilliant piece of Olympic/national pride creativity. I’ll bet you can remember the little details and can tweet all your friends about them. I’ll bet you laughed your ass off at the synchronized spearing of the CN Tower. And who could forget the Belushi-like character who had to go... [READ MORE]

  • Missing your market share boat?

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    Missing your market share boat?

    Everything is changing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this across a wide variety of business categories. The impact of the web has been far-reaching, category-changing, newcomer-launching, and above all for many, under-achieving in terms of true market share growth. Yet we continue to dive deeper into social media investments and the dream of building a customer-driven customer base at “no cost.” The perfect solution in these tight margin and slim pickin’s times. But is it really the only solution? How quickly we forget our last recessions. Where it was proven time and time again that those... [READ MORE]

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