Meet Pat (Lp) Camozzi


Your Creative English Copywriter in Montreal.

Lp Camozzi’s love for advertising began as a teenager while channel surfing late night commercials.

An Honours degree in Marketing from the Ivey School of Business and some product management Client side experience at Libby’s/Nestle ultimately led him to the Agency side. Here Lp account managed some of the largest packaged goods accounts in Toronto like Colgate-Palmolive, Montclair, Molson, Carling O’Keefe and Canada Packers. Successful new product launches included Montclair Mineral Water, Palmolive Crystal Clear, Cincinnati Cream and Miller High Life to name a few.

But Lp’s true calling in advertising came when he began professional freelance copywriting for a living in Vancouver. Major new product launch successes included Babykins fitted cloth diapers, Canterbury Classic Coffees, Jim’s Mowing and a host of others.

In 2001, he relocated to magical Montreal where he continues to build brands and delves deeper into the online world.

That’s Lp Camozzi. That’s LpFocus. Where you build your brand with strategic creative copywriting. And have fun in the process.

Schooled in packaged goods marketing and advertising.

Lp Focus with Pat (Lp) Camozzi, Renaissance man of strategic marketing communications, catchy copy and timeless slogans.

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