A return to tribes?

May 16, 12 • InsightNo Comments

With the power and influence of social media growing, one wonders what we are really creating here.

Clearly it is not a traditional top down mass marketing approach to the great unwashed. God forbid! Instead we see the creation of easy opt-in, online tribes anxious to socialize from the bottom up. Similar likes and dislikes, always sharing, always doing what the tribe needs to do and yet relentlessly being tracked individually by their hastily scattered buck naked digital footprints.

It’s direct marketing to the masses in a medium where truth has a whole new meaning, loyalty is fleeting, price is king and one virus can wipe out an entire global tribe in a historic nanosecond. Not to mention the battle that is now emerging as established tribes simply want more social members a.k.a. market share. How crass!

So who survives ULTIMATE ONLINE TRIBAL WARFARE when the consumer’s emerging esteem and power needs take over from their social ones? History tells us it’s the cowboy with more than one marketing gun.

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